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Caribbean resorts with their warm sands, balmy air and beautiful seas, are simple ideal as naturist destinations - particularly for Canadian naturists eager to escape our cold winters. Low price points and easy access make them an excellent choice for that tropical "au naturel" or "clothing optional" nakation. Check out our No Tan Lines section for resorts that offer both.

Intimate smaller resorts, villas or yachts, with no more than 12 guestrooms or cabins, these Tiny Gems hold a world of delight for small groups wanting to enjoy a naturist setting that is utterly different from the large resort experience. There are expensive, luxurious options as well as the total opposite, off the beaten path properties, with very casual and relaxed atmospheres.

For those looking for something a little spicier than a No Tan Lines nakation, our Alternative section suggests a few resorts that offer more of an alternative-lifestyle experience.

And how much fun to get a group together! 5 couples are enough to get a discount at just about any all-inclusive resort on this website. Or, check out our Groups sections to join one of the groups that are already in place through our affiliate program with Castaways Travel.

And, all new to, we are now very excited to present clothing optional cruises. Check out our Cruises section to book your next clothing optional cruise - also through our affiliate program with Castaways Travel.

As enthusiastic naturists*, my husband and I are always eager to find new 
places in the sun for ourselves and for our clients to experience and enjoy a tropical nakation. That means that our pages of recommended resorts will continue to grow and change, so please do check out this website periodically and "like" our Facebook page (see below) for more current updates.

If you know of other tropical spots to enjoy being "au naturel" that you wish to share with others, please let us know - we will research them and post them for others to find and enjoy as well.

Please feel free to contact us at for a quote or simply advice on the perfect place for your perfect nakation !

Coming soon - European Adventures

*members of the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) and Bare Oaks Naturist Park.

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